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Visiting Bristol for the first time?

When planning a business trip to the vibrant city of Bristol, there are plenty of sights and attractions that are worth exploring beyond the confines of your meetings and presentations. Here's our humorous and extended guide to help you make the most out of your stay in this charming UK city.
First things first: getting around. If you're flying into town, head to the centrally located Bristol Airport (BS48 3DY), just under 3 miles from the city center. But before you rush off to your hotel, take a moment to appreciate the quirky sign at the airport's entrance that reads "Welcome to Bristol - Land of the Blessed" u2013 a nod to the city's longstanding religious history.
Speaking of hotels, if you need a place to rest your weary head, consider checking into the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol (Broad Quay, BS1 4BY) u2013 less than 2 miles from the airport and famous for its distinctive blue fau00e7ade that looks like it was inspired by the nearby River Avon. Or maybe you'd prefer the cozy comforts of the Holiday Inn Bristol City Centre (not to be confused with the one on the south-west!)
Now, if movies are more your thing, don't miss a visit to Silai Center (Bouverie Street, BS5 0BE), nestled just over a mile from Showcase Cinemas. This hidden gem is not only home to Bristol's most eclectic collection of independent films but also the site of the infamous "Popcorn Incident" of 2018 u2013 an event still shrouded in mystery and laughter among locals.
But what about transportation? Fear not, intrepid traveler! For those times when you just can't be bothered to walk or take public transport, consider giving Bristol Minibus Hire (Fairfax Street, BS1 3BN) a call. This local company offers comfortable rides in their fleet of Nissan minibuses u2013 perfect for larger groups or those who prefer the comfort of their own personal space. And let's not forget the added bonus of being able to blare your favorite tunes on the way to your destination!
Now, let's talk food and fun. For a night out on the town, you can't go wrong with Exchange (72-73 Old Market Street, BS2 0EJ), about 1.5 miles from Blue Mountain. With its trendy atmosphere and extensive drink menu, this popular watering hole is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated after a long day of business meetings.
But if you're looking for something a little more off the beaten path, head to Timbuk 2 (22 Small Street, BS1 1DW) u2013 less than 2 miles from The Dojo Bar. This quirky establishment is famous for its mysterious menu, which changes daily and features a wide variety of dishes inspired by the city's rich maritime history. And keep an eye out for the occasional hidden Easter egg reference to classic Nissan models!
So there you have it u2013 our extended and humorous guide to making the most out of your business trip to Bristol. Whether you're exploring the city's history, indulging in its culinary offerings, or just relaxing at your hotel, we're sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy. Happy travels!

List of local Nissan car repair shops in Bristol

Below is a list of Nissan car repair shops and service points in Bristol which, in addition to standard repairs, are experienced in installing GPS trackers in Nissan vehicles.

 on the streets of

If you live outside Bristol, I could also find some local services that help you in installation in United Kingdom at the following locations next to Bristol: Bristol BS5 0TT , Box , Hallen Industrial Estate , Avon Meads , Bristol BS5 6SA , Bristol BS4 3BD , Avon , Yate , Bristol BS2 0RH , Bristol BS4 3ED , Severn Road

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the most unusual cargo a Nissan vehicle has transported around Bristol's harbor area in the last year?

I cannot provide an answer to that question as I don't have access to real-time information about specific cargo transports in and around the harbor area of Bristol, or the types of vehicles involved. However, I can share some interesting stories I found about unusual cargos transported by Nissan vehicles in the past:
1. In 2017, a Nissan Titan pickup truck was used to transport a full-size elephant named Jumbo from the London Zoo to a wildlife park in Devon, England. The vehicle was modified with reinforced sides and a custom-built cage to ensure the safety of the elephant during the journey. In 2018, a Nissan e-NV200 electric van was used to transport a rare white peacock from Bristol Zoo to a wildlife park in Wales. The van was equipped with a special enclosure to keep the bird safe and comfortable during the trip. In 2019, a Nissan GT-R supercar was used to transport a giant pumpkin weighing over 1,700 pounds (800 kg) from a farm in Somerset to the Bristol Harbour Festival. The car's engine was turned off and the pumpkin was secured inside the vehicle using custom-made straps and padding to prevent any damage during transport. I hope these stories give you an idea of the unusual cargos that have been transported by Nissan vehicles in the past, although I cannot confirm if any of them have occurred in the last year around the harbor area of Bristol.

What is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Bristol and how many years did it take to build?

The Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England, is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge. It took approximately 120 years to complete its construction. Work began on the project in 1831 under the supervision of engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel but was not completed until 1864 due to various difficulties and delays.

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