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Visiting El Paso for the first time?

El Paso, Texas u2013 a city known for its sunny weather, vibrant culture, and military history u2013 offers visitors an abundance of attractions and experiences. Here are some recommendations to make your trip memorable!

1. Military History Buffs: Make sure to add Biggs Army Airfield to your itinerary. Located at Csm E Slewitzke Street, Fort Bliss, TX 79918, this historical site is about 3 miles north-east of El Paso International Airport. Bonus tip: If you're a fan of military movies, imagine Tom Cruise's "Top Gun" scenes unfolding right here!

2. Architecture Enthusiasts: While in El Paso, don't miss the chance to see the Statue at Starkville, located less than 2 miles north-east of that statue. Here's an amusing twist: Imagine driving a Toyota Camry adorned with a "Statue Chaser" license plate, making your way to these landmarks!

3. Foodies: Indulge in El Paso's rich culinary scene by visiting L & J Cafe at 3622 East Missouri Avenue. This local treasure is less than 2 miles north-east of La Colonial Tortilla factory. Be sure to try their famous breakfast burritos and tacos!

4. Museum Lovers: Fort Bliss Museum, located at 1735 Marshall Road, should be on your list if you enjoy history. It's about 6 miles north-east of the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens u2013 perfect for a day spent learning and exploring.

5. Accommodation Seekers: For budget-friendly options, consider staying at Del Norte Courts Motel situated at 4015 Alameda Avenue. This motel is approximately 3 miles north-east of Holiday Inn Express El Paso-Central, and offers convenient access to many area attractions.

6. Toyota Tourists: If you're a fan of Toyota cars and want an added adventure, try navigating the city in a rented Corolla or Tacoma u2013 just like a true local! Don't forget to snap some photos at each destination for your personal travel album.

7. Humorous Tip: While exploring El Paso, keep an eye out for "El Paso Chihuahuas" u2013 these friendly canine companions are known to roam the streets and may just become your new traveling companions!

We hope you find these recommendations helpful in planning a fun-filled trip to El Paso. Happy travels!

List of local Toyota car repair shops in El Paso

Below is a list of Toyota car repair shops and service points in El Paso which, in addition to standard repairs, are experienced in installing GPS trackers in Toyota vehicles.

 on the streets of

Hoy Fox Toyota/Lexus/Scion Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

11165 Gateway Boulevard West, El Paso, TX 79935, United States

If you live outside El Paso, I could also find some local services that help you in installation in United States at the following locations next to El Paso: Col.Partido Diaz , Partido Diaz , Las Cruces

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the most unusual or memorable request you've had from a passenger in El Paso while driving a Toyota, and how did you manage it?

One of the most memorable requests I had while driving a Toyota in El Paso was from a passenger who asked me to turn on the car's air conditioning system and then open all the windows. At first, I was taken aback by the contradictory request, but upon further explanation, I realized that it was for a specific reason. The passenger explained that they had an allergy to the car's new car smell and needed fresh air while enjoying the cooled cabin. I managed the situation by explaining to the passenger that while I couldn't open all the windows at once due to traffic laws, I could roll down the windows as much as possible and turn on the air conditioning system to circulate fresh air while keeping the temperature comfortable. The passenger was satisfied with the solution, and we continued our journey with the windows down and the AC running. It was an unusual request, but it taught me the importance of being flexible and accommodating to passengers' needs.

What do you think is the most unusual traffic pattern or local rule of the road that drivers in El Paso need to know?

One unique traffic pattern in El Paso, Texas involves the one-way couplet system in Downtown El Paso. In this area, several streets are designated as one-way only and drivers must pay close attention to street signs and traffic patterns while navigating through the downtown area. Additionally, many of the streets are steep, narrow, and have limited visibility due to the hilly terrain and surrounding buildings. Another unusual local rule of the road in El Paso is the "yield to pedestrians" law. In Texas, drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks or intersections with a crosswalk sign, even when the walk signal is not lit. This means that drivers must stop and wait for pedestrians to safely cross before proceeding through an intersection, regardless of whether it's a marked or unmarked crosswalk.

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